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[solved] Oracle 접속 WAS 로그에서 SQLRecoverableException 발생

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최근 오픈한 시스템에서 겪은 내용 간단히 정리합니다.

일부 사용자들이 웹페이지가 안열린다는 얘기가 있었습니다.

WAS 로그를 확인해봤는데 

두대중 한대의 WAS 로그에서 이러한 내용이 있었습니다. 

java.sql.SQLRecoverableException: I/O Exception: Connection reset

구글링했더니 도움이 될만한 검색결과가 여러개 나왔던거 같습니다.

그 중 오라클 커뮤니티 게시물 내용이 깔끔한거 같아 복사해둡니다.

I was recently struggling with this exact same problem. I opened a ticket with Oracle and this is what they told me. is a standard API provided by sun. Among various methods offered by this class void


is one. This method is used for generating random bytes. Oracle 11g JDBC drivers use this API to generate random number during

login. Users using Linux have been encountering SQLException("Io exception: Connection


The problem is two fold

1. The JVM tries to list all the files in the /tmp (or alternate tmp directory set by when

SecureRandom.nextBytes(byte[]) is invoked. If the number of files is large the

method takes a long time to respond and hence cause the server to timeout

2. The method void nextBytes(byte[]) uses /dev/random on Linux and on some machines which lack the random

number generating hardware the operation slows down to the extent of bringing the whole login process to

a halt. Ultimately the the user encounters SQLException("Io exception: Connection reset")

Users upgrading to 11g can encounter this issue if the underlying OS is Linux which is running on a faulty hardware.


The cause of this has not yet been determined exactly. It could either be a problem in

your hardware or the fact

that for some reason the software cannot read from dev/random


Change the setup for your application, so you add the next parameter to the java command:

We made this change in our file and it has gotten rid of the error.

* 내용을 보면... Linux 상에서 파라미터를 조정하여도 해결될 확률은 있는거 같군요.

  어떤 이유인건 간에... Linux 상의 부하로 인해 발생할 수 있는 상황 같기도 하구요.

  적용한 이유 문제가 없는걸 보면... 이번 경우는 위의 두가지 유형중 두번째에 해당하는 확률이 높은것 같습니다.  

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